Fora Bathroom Refill Sachets - Box of 3


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Fora is a female-led, New Zealand owned and operated business. Fora is on a mission to make a positive social and environmental impact by providing a trustworthy source of household cleaning products with a focus on safe ingredients, delivered to your door, and presented beautifully in packaging that is designed for a circular economy.

Fora is a powder-based product that creates a multi-purpose cleaning solution for the home with the simple addition of water from your tap. Their beautiful, refillable aluminium bottles are designed to be kept (then recycled at their end-of-life), and the refill sachets are made from home compostable materials.

Fora’s Bathroom Cleaner is best used for soap scum and grime, leaving tiles, bathtubs and taps sparkling clean and smelling fresh. The cleaner can be used on most sealed surfaces, if in doubt, test in a discreet spot.  

What you will receive: 3 x home compostable Bathroom cleaner refills. Fragranced using an essential oil blend of Eucalyptus and Mint.

How to use | Simply empty the refill contents into the bottle, add 500ml tap water slowly and replace the spray nozzle. Give the bottle a little shake and you’re all set! Spray, leave for a few seconds then wipe away to get your bathroom gleaming!

Fora refill sachets are made from home compostable materials. The sachets can be cut up into small pieces and added to your home compost (best practice if you want them to compost faster). Do not put into your paper/plastic recycling.

Ingredients | Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrated Silica, Maltodextrin, Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oil Blend.

Our products are biodegradable and are manufactured in New Zealand.