Robert Gordon are one of Australia’s last large scale potteries having been manufacturing high fired stoneware for over 75 years with a true commitment to the craft.

Each piece passes through the hands of skilled crafts people, some of whom have been with them for over 25 years. Their principles of timeless design along with an emphasis on quality, ensure that your purchase will last a lifetime.

They design and develop all glazes on site. Owning their own stains and materials allows them the flexibility of design. Each piece of pottery is glazed by hand, allowing for slight variations and idiosyncrasies that make their pottery truly unique.

To keep up with the times and the demand, RGA is not only a manufacturer of bespoke Australian made pottery these days but an importer too. Designs dreamed up at their Pakenhan HQ are sent off to China to be made into the pieces that become part of the ever popular collections they are so proud of.