Being a natural fibre, wool has many amazing benefits, making it a practical, eco-friendly and beautiful choice for a range of uses. Durable, mould resistant and flame retardant, wool is easy to care for due to its strong fibre and natural protective waxy coating. Because of this, wool is more resistant to sagging and wrinkling, maintaining its appearance for longer and giving your garments, bedding and homewares a much longer life span.

As well as being a fabulous natural insulator due to wools naturally crimped fibres, it is also hypoallergenic, multi climatic and breathable making it a comforting and healthier choice for yourself and for your home. With sheep producing a new fleece annually, it makes wool an extremely renewable resource. At the end of your woollen products long and useful life, it is able to be returned to the soil where it releases nutrients back into the earth.