Seeknit Straight Single Pointed Needle 35cm


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These single pointed straight bamboo needles are standard knitting needles, ideal for knitters of all skill levels. Being naturally lightweight, they are gentle on the hands and warm to the touch, making for a comfortable knitting experience.

  • carefully selected renewable high quality Japanese Moso bamboo
  • finely ground needle tips
  • polished surface with natural plant wax that is soft to touch
  • size laser printed on
  • light and flexible
  • ideal for knitting sweaters, scarves, cushion covers and a range of other projects

Seeknit needles and accessories are manufactured by a well established 100 year old Japanese company called Kinki Amibari. This leading knitting needle manufacturer, produces needles of the finest quality using renewable Japanese bamboo, made by traditional craftsmen who have inherited their expertise through many generations. 

Bamboo knitting needles have been a long time favourite among knitters all over the world. Bamboo that grows in Japan is especially hard and resilient with an excellent lustre. Using bamboo means very little environmental impact and due to its fast growth, is an extremely renewable resource.