Pleated Bag - Beige/Silver


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Your new favourite accessory to carry all your bits and bobs around town, to work, to the beach, supermarket, pilates and wherever the wind blows in style! 

This bag is reversible with a bluey/silver pleat on one side reversing to a beige pleat. 

These beautiful bags are made in Japan from plant origin Polyactic Acid (PLA), a material derived from corn which naturally decomposes over the years depending on the frequency of use, making them an eco-conscious choice that looks fabulous on you without the harmful effect that other re-usable bags have on the environment.

Polyactic Acid (PLA) is naturally decomposed by bacteria in the soil and becomes carbon dioxide and water when burned, which is earth-friendly for you to handle as kitchen garbage. These bags have a delicate aspect where they will eventually decompose and tear when placed in high heat and humidity

The durability of the bag depends on each situation and environment of users. Generally, the bags become unusable in about a year for heavy users, 2 to 4 years for those who use them sometimes, 5 to 6 years without using. But please note this is a guide. From the perspective of the life cycle assessment (LCA) considering the environmental effects from production to disposal, PLA fibers use low digestible energy during production which environmental impact is very low.

  • Pleats are not permanent. To maintain pleats and prevent them from spreading, empty the bag after use and leave it somewhere flat like a table top.
  • This bag withstands the weight up to 15kg, but it may tear by adding sudden force such as lifting it at a stretch.
  • When washing, use neutral detergent and hand wash.
  • The material is not resistant to heat. Do not iron or tumble dry the bag.
  • Do not store in a place with high temperature, such as a hot car.
  • Deterioration of the material due to bio-degradation can be accelerated by particular conditions of usage or storage. If any deterioration is found, stop using the bag.
  • W 550mm x H 750mm